Monday, February 24, 2014

Drive In, Drop Off & Drive Away

February 19, 2014--They have changed the way missionaries are dropped off at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah.  In the past, families went in for a presentation and then said goodbye to their missionary.  Now, we drive in to the MTC campus, pull up to the curb, get the bags out of the car, hug the kid goodbye and drive away.  From listening to people who did it the old way, this new way is much more preferable.  We did get emotional, but it was a short and sweet goodbye.  Mitchell handled it much better than his parents or his brothers.
Here is the traffic jam of all the cars dropping off missionaries.  This is only the missionaries with last names that start with N-S.  There were lines of cars in every direction.  It is amazing to see young people so willing to give up two years of their lives to serve others.  He will be in great company as hundreds of missionaries were dropped off that day.

Mom gets a final hug goodbye

Dad sharing a great moment with Mitch
It was a very quite ride after we left the MTC parking lot (except for the sniffles).  We love Mitch and we are so proud of the way he has lived his life and the choices he has made.  Choices determine destiny. . .he is destined for great things!

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