Monday, January 18, 2016

January 11, 2016 Email

Hey Fam! It's great to hear you all are doing well!

The week here was interesting to say the least. One of the first lessons we had was a Hmong lady that didn't speak any English so I was sitting there wondering what the heck is being taught. I told my companion when we first started going out visiting that he better be teaching the correct principles, cause I sure as heck can't correct
you on this one. Haha! It's good working with these people though.  They are very accepting of the gospel and are humble enough to want to make these changes in there life. 

A sample of the language Mitchell's companion is speaking--yikes!!!!

We also cover an English Ward here too so that's a bit of relief from not knowing what is being said. The week went kinda slow but we had some good work done here. We do something here on Wednesdays called a Hmong class. Here, Elder Fitzgerald teaches people how to speak Hmong so they can better help in the ward and their progression. Sunday was interesting because we set up for Elder Fitzgerald to have a translator mic to help the older Hmong members understand sacrament meeting. In total these next five weeks are going to be very interesting. 

I also got today a letter from President Marston informing me of all that will be happening prior to the departure. So you can probably imagine the amount of trunkiness I am experiencing right now.

Trunky:  A slang term used among Mormon missionaries, describing a missionary who is excited about returning home as "trunky" as he has already packed his trunk

Well that's all I got for you this week. I hope to hear from you guys next week that will be informing you of all that will be happening.


Elder Mitchell Smith

January 6, 2016 Email

Hey Fam! Sorry I haven't emailed recently, some crazy stuff has just happened. We had transfers again and we thought that my companion was leaving. Turns out, I was the one that left. I thought I would finish in Andersen but ended up moving to Chico. The situation with that is there is a Hmong Elder down here who didn't have a companion for six weeks since he training a new one in a month and a half. So President Marston decided to have me come down and spend the transfer with him since he figured I wouldn't mind, which I don't.

Sculpture in Chico- - -Give a "big hand" to Elder Smith!!!!

Here we will be doing both Hmong and English work since there isn't a whole lot of Hmong's in the area. It's going to be a good time since I know the Elder I'm working with, Elder Fitzgerald. He has been out for almost a year and he has been doing well in the work. It's kinda funny too cause I will be the second missionary in a row that he will be sending home. His last companion he sent home was his trainer. He's pretty cool, so this last transfer will be good.

It's weird to think that I only have six weeks left on my mission and I'm home. That's crazy!! I know that it's been two years, but man has it flown by. I can't wait to see you guys start getting back in the swing of things. It's gonna be weird cause I won't have anything to talk about but the mission for quite a while. Hahaha!

Well anyway, that's all I've got for you guys this week. Hope you all have a great week and I wish you the best.

Elder Mitchell Smith

January 8, 2016 Email

Once again, not really an email.  Just some photos from his last zone.  Mitchell is getting transferred and will spend the last 6 weeks of his mission in Chico, CA.

Notice he is trying to distance himself, ha ha!!!

December 28, 2015 Email

This isn't really an email, per se-lol!!!  We Skyped with Mitch for about 90 minutes on Christmas.  We were trying to get both Mitch and Stockton on at the same time, but it didn't really work out.  because I didn't know Mitchell's new address until the Monday before Christmas, he didn't get his package on time.

But, he did get it eventually, and these are the photos that he sent with the caption "LOVE THE TIES!"

He apparently is out of contact and is wearing his glasses.  He was in good spirits and looking forward to finishing his mission in the next couple of months.