Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm leaving, on a jet plane. . .

March 3, 2014-I am heading out tomorrow morning so this will be the only time I really get to e-mail for a while. We will be heading out on a plane straight to Sacramento then drive to Roseville. I'm going to get a calling card for the airport and call you guys up when you've got seminary going. If your phone rings during seminary class that would be why. I'd like to see how everyone's doing and tell them to keep going to seminary; I've been able to learn so much easier because of the lessons and scriptures I picked up from that class. I'm packing today and we leave at 4:30 in the morning for the airport. We then arrive in Sacramento around 8:40 California time.

This mission will be a new experience for me and I will enjoy every last minute of it. One teacher here told us something I will never forget, "When you get on that plane home, ask yourself, Was I a Gross Missionary or a Net Missionary?" He is studying in Econ. so that is what he is relating to on this. I am hoping to be the Gross Missionary who put forth the work and Spirit, not a Net Missionary who hopes he did his best.
I love you all and I'll see you when I come home.

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