Tuesday, February 9, 2016

February 9, 2016 Email

Hey Fam! Sorry I haven't emailed lately! I would have yesterday but the last full p-day I had was spent having nerd wars. One round was to "kill me off" where everyone was against me until I died. So it was tons of fun yesterday.

I've been doing well. I have mostly been getting everything ready to take off for home and that is one heck of a chore let me tell ya. Lots of papers, meetings, and sending stuff home. I will be sending things home this week so don't open any of them that I send till I get home.

So quick summary of the week. We had three exchanges happen; one with our zone leaders, one with our district leader, and one with Hmong Elders. We had meetings with President Marston and interviews as well.  This week is also going to be busy. We have another Hmong exchange to do, we have a Hmong baptism to attend in Oroville, we have several lessons set for Hmong work and English work.

I'll have to find a ride down to the mission office and someone to stay with for the 15th.  As you know I will be getting on the plane from here to SLC at 10:20 to arrive at 1. Then I have a 3 1/2 hour lay over time, ridiculously boring I might add, then I get in the plane for home to get there around 5. 

I'm stoked to see you all and am ready for home.

As they say in the mission, "Dead man walking!" Haha! See you soon!


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