Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May 19, 2014 Email

Hey there! Sounds like everyone has a lot going on right now. Schools getting out, the guys are going on field trips, and they have finals to deal with. It was crazy to have that stuff going on when I was graduating and it didn't even have some of that stuff piled on top of all that. It's all most done with though so you can relax and have the guys do some work. 😁 

Things have been getting better this week. We met with tons of investigators and did a butt load of service for an investagtor. We helped them with painting a room in there house with about three different colors cause the wife couldn't decide which looked better. We then helped them put down some wood tile flooring the next day and helped load up a dump run. We had a few investigators come to church this week but they all left after the first session. We still try our best and do all that we can to get them fully committed. I hope Aspen chooses to go on a mission. The mission has helped me grow so much and has drawn me closer to God than I ever thought possible. It would definitely benefit her just as it has me. 

The Lord helps us all through our lives to make the right choices and will never leave us to fight off the world and it's beliefs. Stay strong in the faith and never waver no matter what trials or afflictions come your way. 

I love you all and I keep you in my prayers always. I hope to hear from you again next week; until then, have an awesome week and have a good graduation. 


Elder Smith

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