Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014 Email

Hey there family! 
Things have been going good here. It sounds like chores are actually getting done around the house.😁 to answer Stockton's question, we bike about 15-25 miles a day depending on who we are going to visit. Keep training for sports and have a good season. It's cool to hear that you working on some things in the yard. It's going to look totally different when I get home I won't know where we live anymore.😁

We've been meeting with a whole bunch of people this week and had a good experience Saturday. There was a barbecue for the bishop's son for his graduation from college and we found out that the bishop's family was having a couple of our investigators over for the barbecue. It was a good experience for the whole family. It gave them a good time to meet with several members and to really find some good fellowshippers for them. They told us they had an awesome time and were going to church. Unfortunately, they seemed to have family coming over so they weren't able to make it out. It's a bummer but we still work with them and make them comfortable with the church. 

Transfers were yesterday and I was hoping for some predictions to be true. Elder Ewell is leaving for up north, so I'll be taking over the area for a while until my senior companion can get a feel for the area. Several new people are coming into the area and I'm going to be companions with the trainer of one of my MTC companions, so it should be interesting. Over all, things have been getting better and I'm getting better in every aspect of mission life and I have been working as best as I can. I am on my way to the missionary that I know I am to become and that The Lord has prepared me for this. I love you all and hope to hear from you next week. 


Elder Smith

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