Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014 email

Finally, a picture!!!!
Dear Family,

Hey there! It's good to here from all of you. It's awesome to here your all doing better and are getting into what's happening. It's cool to see that the brothers are having fun and living it up. Stockton seems to be doing well in sports. The play seemed like it went well considering it's probably the first time having a musical at the school. Parker, it's awesome to hear you placed in 3 of your events in track. I hardly ever made it on the podium in track, so keep up the good work and train hard. It's cool to hear you tried hurdles Brigham. I was never good at it so it's cool to see you exploring your talents on the field. Hope your doing well Mom and Dad, it can get a little crazy with the house here without getting told to clean all the time. It's just a way of growing up for me and to become who The Lord wants me to be. Tell Gunnar and Willy I said "hi" back.

(This is in response to an email from his Aunt CoDele who lives in California) The kids seem to be making friends in school a little easier know that they're in activities.  They need friends to help and support each other when things are looking down. I'm glad Cooper is getting better with his burns, it stinks that he now has a sickness to add onto the recovery process. I found it pretty cool to hear that Matthew helped in giving a blessing to him. It's very important to have the priesthood in the home so that when something comes up where it is needed, it can do its work and minister to the family. It's super cool that your thinking of going on a mission, Matthew. Going on a mission can bless you and your family in ways you can't even imagine until it's there. A mission helps you to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically to help shape you into the man you are to become.

I thank all of you for the letters you send and the stories you tell.  They keep me going and encourage me to look ahead and do my best for my investigators. I thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and your prayers. It gives me hope and makes me strive to become a better missionary. This experience has changed my life so much I feel I will return home a different man than I was before. The Lord is with us all as we strive to become more like Christ and to live worthy lives in the sight of God.

Love Elder Smith

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