Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christmas Chat

The gift everyone couldn't wait to open this year was. . .we were able to Skype with Mitch for an hour on Christmas day.  We almost missed it because my power cord on my computer decided to quit working and there was no way to charge my laptop.  But, luckily, we had some friends who let us borrow a laptop Christmas morning so we could still chat with Mitch.  It was awesome to see him well and happy!!  He sang and played a song that he wrote.
He posted the song to his facebook page.  Check out his video performance here:

Mitchell's Song "Searching" 

Verse 1:
Don't know where I come from
or how I got here all alone?
A haze hangs over me
where I don't know of my own. 
Time passes on by
unaware of my presence known. 

I'm searching for escapes
out of my own ways that I've gone.  
I'm looking on my knees
not knowing where to go from here. 
And I hear your gentle voice
calling me to rise and see. 
That all I ever need 
to move on happily is you. 

Verse 2:
This life's been full of pain,
sorrow and regret of my own.
Where do I belong 
in this big old world so unknown?
I'm struggling to know
how can I go on so alone?


And since that answer came 
I can not deny who I am. 
I've come to see in you
I am that great man, meant to be. 
I see the light above
and it guides me back to my home. 

Verse 3:
I found though him my way
out of my own steps of wrong. 
This mortal body's weak 
but it's through Him, I am strong. 
I see his glorious smile
found with open arms, never gone. 

I'm coming home to you
where my heart still lies in your arms. 
I'm coming home. 

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