Thursday, February 19, 2015

December 22, 2014 Email

Hey Fam! Is great to hear you all had a great program for Christmas. The program here was fairly good and we had a linger longer thing after church where we got to have refreshments and get to know the members better. 

This week was transfer week for us and I now have Elder Kretschmer as my companion. He's an older missionary and will be heading home soon. He seems ok so far, but I've only been with him for a week so we'll see how the next 6 weeks go. The week itself was fairly slow time wise and work wise. We had a few meetings throughout the week that lasted a while, one such meeting was our Christmas Devotional with the missionaries in surrounding areas. The meeting was planned to happen at 9, so all of our zone gets there at about 8:45 as we were asked to be. We all waited for the mission president to show, yet he didn't show up and it was five minutes till the meeting was suppose to start. The zone leaders called and found out that the meeting was rescheduled for one, and we didn't get the message. So we were there four hours early and we had planning to do, so we planned and studied for a while. Then we had a call telling us it was pushed back another hour. We waited and met with missionaries as they arrived and we had the meeting. It was full of song and full of spirit. The rest of the week we worked and found many people were heading elsewhere for Christmas or are getting sick. This week will be hard because of all the things going on with the season that it is. It's weird to think it's close to being Christmas since it doesn't snow here at all. That's just something I have to get use to out here I guess. 

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