Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 15, 2014 Email

Nothing goes better with hot cocoa than big mustaches-lol!!!

Hey Fam! It's great to hear how all of you are doing. Schedules seem to be full of work, sports, and music all over the place. Work for you and Dad seems to be busy. I kind of wish it was like that here so we could have things to do the whole time. It's awesome to hear Tim and Lindsey are attending church. I have high hopes for them with their engagement and with their new beginnings in the church and life. 

This week was the final week of the tranfers and my companion, Elder Briggs, is heading out of here. He will be serving in the Yuba City area. I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. During the whole rest of the week, we've had crazy storms come through here that had heavy downpours accompanied by 60 mph winds. This all happened throughout the week except for Sunday when we were stuck riding our bikes to church. 

We had some meetings that we had to have this week. That made it fairly difficult to visit people in the area when they are sick and going out of town for the season. 

The investigator that was getting baptized decided he wasn't ready yet. He's ready and clears on all the requirements, but he is afraid of the multitude of people. We let him know who all was going to be at the service and he started freaking out because of some anxiety issues and blood pressure. He gets stressed in crowds but does well in one-on-one interaction. So we will be working with him so he can get use to more people and work through his anxiety. So we didn't get a baptism this weekend, but will be working towards it again. 

So that was the week here in Cali. I enjoy hearing from you and I love the stories you tell. I love you all and have you in my prayers always. 

Elder Smith

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