Monday, December 7, 2015

August 4, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! It's great to hear from you! Yesterday was pretty busy for us too. Running around getting things planned for activities we had in mind for p-day and such. You definitely have my prayers with you and the rest of the family.  

The week was fairly similar as last week for us. We have been contacting several people to try and clear up the area book and haven't seen too much success from that with finding new people to teach. The area book has been winding down to a very small teaching pool. In fact, it's the smallest teaching pool I've ever had to work with in any area. It's tough but our ward and branch councils have started to help us more with finding and getting some more service around here. 

We are doing some service for this one widow in the ward with helping stock a wood shed for her. So that will be a relief from the noose called a tie.😆😂 We did visit several people this week and were able to hit a few of the goals we set up for the week which was a great turn of events. Also; I found out that if I could get permission from Pres. Marston, I can Skype in to watch Stockton open his mission call! If I can get permission for that, let me know when he opens his letter. 

So that's all I've got for you guys this week. Hope you all have a good time and my all our prayers be with Grandpa and all our family. 

Elder Smith

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