Thursday, December 3, 2015

July 13, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! It's good to hear from you this week! Keep working on the papers Stockton! You're almost there. It is pretty cool that RM came back to the area. I still need to decide if I will come back to California after getting things going back home. 

For my birthday; we had interviews with the Mission President, did some service for an investigator, and had dinner with one of the best families in the ward. We actually celebrated the birthday of the wife of that family yesterday with the big 30 at her parents house which is a very big expensive house. Life in Granite Bay for ya! The rest of the week was full of trying to catch up on the work as best we can with our sickness delay. We didn't get into see many people this week but had an opportunity to go on splits with a member to see some potential investigators and some less actives we haven't been able to see recently. Didn't have much luck there but did get something of a referral out of it. That did t seem to work out either but tried where we could. One of the families we got a referral for a few weeks ago was at home when we tried yesterday. They are a good family with family in the church and have been interested in learning more about the church. We talked a little bit but shortly had to leave after as they were leaving for something they planned. 

So that's my week for you guys. I hope you all keep trekking on and wish you the best e Lord could give you. 

Elder Smith

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