Monday, December 7, 2015

September 2, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! Sorry this is later than usual, we had transfers and everything was just crazy all over. We had transfers come in and I am a district leader for what is now the "Northern District" which consists of the three companionships in the northern part of the zone. My new companion is Elder Acevedo who is another Samoan kid. He is also half Mexican but his Samoan shows more than anything. We actually met at the temple in March at the full mission temple trip. He is a great worker and is tons of fun. 

This week has been pretty good for us here in Colfax. We have meet with several people all throughout the week. Many of the people we contact have been through a list of members without home or visiting teachers the ward gave us that we might keep busy and also help organize the less-actives in the ward. We have found several people who have no interest in the church, do not intend to return to the church, and those who claim to be either excommunicated or had their name removed. We have run into nice people when we go out to find the members but unfortunately don't seem too interested at the moment. We also encounter a lot of false addresses as we go through the list to find these members. We did get a hold of a potential investigator that has agreed to meet with us this week. We will be stoked for that. This morning we contacted an investigator who was on date for baptism to confirm an appointment with her today. She had told us that she felt she needed more time before she could commit to joining the church and was crazy busy to schedule to meet us. So, she had dropped us.😞 We will still be visiting her every so often, but she won't commit until she feels comfortable. 

Well, that's all I've got for you guys this week! Hope all gets well with grandpa and I wish the rest of you the very best of the Lord.

Elder Smith

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