Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August 11, 2014 Email

Hey there!

I'm glad to be back online as well. Writing letters by hand and mailing them, not knowing when they would arrive, was a pain to deal with. It's great to hear your all doing well. Just busy with work and, here shortly, school. Be sure to get Stockton running in some time in the day so he can start getting his body prepped for practices. I made the mistake of doing nothing to prepare for cross country and my time payed for it. I just can't believe I set a goal to beat he top spot on the board when I know I wouldn't run or train for it. I hope football goes well for ya Parker. Keep striving for the best you can be and don't cut yourself short. 

It's awesome to hear that Elder Nelson was at your guys' stake conference this last week. Our stake conference is coming up this week and we will have Elders Donald L. Hallstrom and D. Zackary Smith presiding and hopefully a whole bunch of people show for that. Elder Larson and I have done a shoulder load of less active finding this last week. The Ward gave us a list of around 50 less active names that we had to go out and invite them to stake conference. Hopefully we will see some of them there so we can get to know them. We have an investigator family of four on date that's set for the middle of September. Transfers are coming up here soon and I'm pretty sure I'm leaving this time. If I move out of here, I'll still try and make arrangements to attend the baptism. I just hope I don't get sent to the top of the mission where it's very hard to get rides down to here. Aside from setting the family on date, it's just been a lot of the less active work the Ward gave us. A very long and busy week was what we expected when we got the list, and it was. 

I thank you all for your letters and for the support you give me. I recognize you in my prayers and hope for your days to be proud and happy. I love you all and hope to hear from you next week. 

Elder Smith

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