Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September 9, 2014 Email

Hey there! Sorry I didn't get back to you guys yesterday, we had another long P-Day up in Mt Shasta. We didn't go on hikes there, but we went through some sick caves and abandoned lava tunnels from Mt Shasta. The last 30 yards was for crawling and it ended in a small room big enough for 6 of us to fit. 

The rest of the week was the usual of visiting people and seeing some interesting things here in Cali. I actually found out that a few people in the Ward here are from Montana and have family up there. The Ward also has a missionary out in Helena who left just before I got here. They always send the city folk out to the country and the country men to the city. Haha! The days are getting a little cool here every once and a while so we'll be expecting rain here soon hopefully. We have an investigator who is going to be baptized here this upcoming week so we are excited for that. Everything else should be interesting this week and next week since we've got a zone conference that Elder Neilson will be attending and will continue to go to the rest of the mission. It throws the week off a bit, but we have P-Day on a Wednesday. Well I hope you all have a good week and hope the guys have fun at their games and their races. I love you all and hope to here from you next week. 

Elder Smith

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