Wednesday, September 17, 2014

June 17, 2014 Email

Happy Father's Day! Sorry for the late e-mail, things got hectic yesterday and I started typing late. How has the week been for all of ya? I hope everything is starting to calm down and settle now that cub scout day camp is over with. Those always fry the nerves to no end. This week was pretty crazy here. We were over at a less actives house and almost got the cops called on us cause this landlord thought that we were trespassing when we had a return appointment. We can't go over there anymore, but will still be meeting with him in other places. We've also been biking in some, what I like to call "death heat", and have biked around 90 miles total this week. Most of the week has been cool with this Delta Breeze, so it makes up for the first few days of burning sun. 

We've been meeting with lots of less actives and trying to contact potentials so we can have a good area to work with. Several people aren't too interested and we are going to have to start tracting here soon. Let's just hope and pray that we can find new investigators so we can have something to do here. We always look for opportunities to find new people and have seen some progress. Elder Larsen is really pushing me out of my shell and has helped me to grow as a missionary and a person. I'm greatful for his support of me and for helping me succeed while I am out here.

I love you all and pray for you everyday. I hope you had a good Father's Day and hope to hear from ya next week.

Elder Smith

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