Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 8, 2014 Email

Hey Family! It seems you all had an average week for Montana. The Christmas concerts are fun to have to invite those to feel the Christmas spirit. 

This week again went by super fast. We didn't have many meetings this week but the week didn't last very long either way. We had several people that we tried to see but had little-to-no luck. Most people we tried to see were less-active members and several of our people weren't home or are sick. This Christmas season will be difficult because most of our people could be out at other people's homes for the season and we won't be able to visit with them. 

We had a great miracle this past week with a now potential investigator. We were heading over to an appointment with an investigator who's on date for baptism this Saturday and we were waiting to cross the street when someone walking down the sidewalk came up to us. He said his name was Forrest and told us that he's been trying to get a hold of us for some time. We showed him the new Christmas initiative the church has put out called "He is the Gift". It's a great video to get people ready for the Christmas season and to discover and embrace the gift God has given us. He said that he would be open to hear from us anytime and that he lived in this apartment complex close by where we were. We, unfortunately, did not get his apartment number from him.😑 So we're going to have to do some hunting to find him again. I think the only thing I would need is music and the call home on Christmas Day. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week ahead and wish you all the best. I love you and have you in my prayers always. 

Elder Smith

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