Wednesday, December 17, 2014

September 29, 2014 Email

Hey family! It's great to hear from ya this week. I guess I should have told a that I would have Monday as p-day last week. But your letter this week was great. It's cool to hear everyone is doing well up there. It seems really snowy up in Montana right now. I wonder if it'll break the record for snow fall this year. It seems most of the northern regions in America get frozen at random times of the year. It's cool to hear you all have some busy schedules with sports, hunting, and work all the time. It helps to keep you sane and just have something to do. 

This week was hectic for us. None of the plans we made when planning seemed to keep and we had several unexpected times with some people here. The beginning of the week started with some pretty nice storms and had those all throughout the week. We had some good visits and some interesting visits with potential investigators. One of them was a potential who seemed promising, yet when we went over he started to ramble on so we had to move on and visit others when Elder Briggs got a flat that we had to fix. We've been inviting others, member and non-member, to the general conference broadcasts that are happening at the stake center here. So the week has been all tossed around and we did our best to see those we needed to see. 

I love you all and I hope you know that your letters are a huge support for me out here. Hope to hear from ya next week. 

Elder Smith 

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