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November 4, 2014 Email

Having a little fun at the Oasis Fun Center

Miniature Golf

Laser maze

Go carts

Laser tag

Hey Family! First off, I'd like to say a huge Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you had a great birthday and a great Halloween. Also, big thanks for the package. It was fun and Elder Briggs loves the little sayings and quotes on them. 

This week was kinda slow for us lesson wise. The week started off wih a zone blitz up in another area of the zone we are in. We had the blitz to help out the missionaries there find new investigators and to visit several less-active members there. It was a good experience and was a pretty good experiment for future use in the mission. We then had a rather odd week with the different changes made for the week. On Halloween, we had to set our planning time for the evenings since we were to be in our apartments by 6. This was a mission wide requirement for all missionaries because of incidents in the past involving missionaries or people that dressed like missionaries. So Friday was like a regular day in the afternoon and early evening. Since we got done with planning early, us and the missionaries we live with all got together and played a few intense rounds of Clue while we waited for time to pass. It was actually pretty fun and entertaining for the night. Throughout the week though, we've had a few changes to our schedules. One such change involved moving someone with a huge amount of stuff for such a small home. The move took Elder Briggs and I close to three hours. The other missionaries were there for about six hours. It was crazy moving that family over to their new house. 

We went out to a place called Oasis Fun Center on P-Day yesterday and we didn't get into any internet connections that whole day. It was an awesome day there with a few events set up for us. The people that run the center are members of one of the wards, so we got to do the events without charge. It's kinda like a special deal for missionaries to have fun. We got to choose two out of three events there. There was laser tag, go cart, and mini golf at the center and I chose laser tag and go carts. Both were awesome and fun. I came in second over all in the laser tag round; which is impressive considering I've only laser tagged once before. In go carts I have no idea what place I got. Everyone was getting stuck and jammed into corners and I just lost track of where I was in the race. But I enjoyed it and we all had a blast doing it. After our two events at the fun center, we went to an institute building where a set of senior missionaries let us play some pool table, foosball, ping pong, and air hockey. Everyone had a great time there as well as I. 

Well, sorry I didn't get this email out to you guys earlier. I hope you all have a great week and had a great Halloween. I love you all and have you in my prayers always. 

Elder Smith

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