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April 8, 2015 Email

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Hey! Sorry this is a little late to you guys. Yesterday we were in Sacramento attending the temple and were down there for most of the day. It was great though because I hadn't been to the temple ever since I got into the mission field. It was awesome!! The rest of the week was one where it was slow yet went by fast kinda thing. We didn't have too many lessons set up so Elder Laulu and I have been going over our area and seeing who all is still interested in meeting with us. We had interviews with President Marston this week just on how we are and also to interview for the temple. We had to cut our interviews a little short since it was almost 10 in the evening when we went into the interview.  We had a few other meetings throughout the week. General Conference was awesome this year. It must have been great to be in the conference and to see the prophet and all the other authorities. I remember the first time I got to go to a live conference during my senior year. It was a great experience for me and for all who attended. This last general conference was a great one to see. It had such great talks in regard to the Atonement and on the Savior. After Saturday's session, Elder Laulu looks over to me and says,"Well, I guess they want all the missionaries to get married quickly after their mission." Then I look over at him and go,"We all know you're the one that's going to get hitched that quick out of all the missionaries here." We both just started laughing and a couple other missionaries totally agreed to what I said. I think my favorite talk given throughout the entire conference was the one that Elder Holland gave. He talked about how after we have done all we can and when we start to slip after that effort, the Savior reaches out with firm arms and strong hands to make sure we don't fall back into our old selves and become saved through our exercise of faith and our most devoted efforts. The best part I heard of that talk is when the older boy told the younger to go away in fear of him seeing his brother fall, the younger brother stayed rather than let him make that mistake without that safe guard. Just as the younger brother never left the older, Jesus Christ never leaves us to face the challenges of life alone. He is always there for us when we need him, even though we may not always see Him there. That helped me so much and I know that it can help others when they apply the Savior's infinite Atonement into their lives forever.  

This week was great and I wouldn't change it for anything. I hope to hear what all you did this week on Monday. I love you all and you are always in my prayers. 

Elder Smith

Here is Elder Holland's talk: 

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