Thursday, October 15, 2015

May 5, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! Sorry this is a little late. We had a lot going on and weren't able to get to a place with wifi to email. It's great to hear you're all doing well and staying busy throughout the week. It sounds like you're all getting jammed with all this stuff all at once and it seems you are only able to keep up with so much. It's good to hear Stockton is keeping up with everything in school. I guess when you get to the point he's at you start to get a little distracted with other things rather than school. It's good that he has had some interest and fun in music and sports. It's good that Parker has been having fun and success in track. He seems to do well in it from what I hear. Hopefully they can find a new athlete to participate in that race so they can compete in that event. Good luck at Districts man! Great job on getting the hurdles down Brigz! When I was in track, I absolutely hated the idea of even trying the hurdles in fear of falling flat on my face. Keep working at it and I'm certain you will get them. 

This week definitely had its ups and downs. The beginning of the week especially. We were helping some Hmong member drive some posts in for his garden using post drivers. I though, this is going to be good and fun. We got a whole bunch of posts in and we were moving to another of his gardens. As I was driving a post in that was a little shorter; the post slipped out of the post driver and when I brought the driver down on the post, the back of the driver caught the post and it came slamming on my head. At first I was shocked and though it was just a bruise. As I rubbed my head and looked at my hand, I saw blood. The impact caused a laceration that required three staples to close it. I have to say, the staples hurt more than the initial impact of the post driver. Oouucchh!! It's all good now though. Just another permanent souvenir of the mission. I just need to get the staples removed and that's that. 

We also had some good experiences where we had to give blessings and had some good contacts. We had a chance to get in contact with a less active member that lived in Idaho and has family there now. We came to knowing her by a call from our Ward Mission Leader who got a call from a bishop in another ward that told him to call us and get over there. She has been going through some health issues right now and she is very concerned for herself and her family. We are hoping to get in there and help her in any way we can to get her through this and to get her to church. Ironically, she lives right next to the church so getting her there shouldn't be a huge problem I hope. Yesterday, we got a referral that might be promising depending on how it all goes. We went to set up a time with her and she seems to have some interest. The rest of the week was fairly good in regard to getting out there with the members and getting good lessons with people to help them out. 

Well that's all I've got for you guys this week. And thank you for keeping me in your fast and prayers. I definitely felt it and needed it. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Elder Smith

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