Monday, October 5, 2015

March 9, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! It's good to hear things are warming up in Montana. I think you've all had your fair share of snow and cold. If things are getting to busy for you and Dad, put the guys to work. They need to keep up and put as little stress on you two as possible. It's great that the contacts are in to. I've been afraid of having these trials tear since they are my only pair. 

The week has been alright. It's been a little hot near the end of the week and it was only in the 80s. The whole week we were out working and we had some rough times to find people. Most of the people were either out at work or we just caught them at a bad time. We didn't have too much service so it made it difficult to find things to fill up our days. We did get some cool miracles though this week. One of the investigators we have now is from some sister missionaries who's ward boundaries are right next to ours. He's a really cool guy and is very willing to listen and learn the gospel. Another person we found was just an absolute answer to our prayers. We were going to go out with one of the elders in the ward and visit people he had in mind to visit and he had a surprise for us. We were meeting at the church and this one guy just walked into the church building and started to talk with the member. He his name is David and he says that he wants to learn more about the church and what it's all about. He has been going to some other churches seeing which of them is centered on Christ and involves family. Lo and behold, he found it. What started his search into the church is his job. He is working for a company that has several members of the church there and he sees a great light in them and decided to want to learn more. He is very open to us visiting him and is very eager to learn. Unfortunately he wasn't at church yesterday, but I think the time change threw a lot of people off so several people didn't show up until later. 

Well that's all I've got for you guys this week. Keep working hard and I wish you the very best of times. 

Elder Smith

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