Monday, October 5, 2015

March 30, 2015 Email

Hey Fam! It's great to hear that you all have some great activities to do! It reminds me a ton of the things I did when I was home and all the busy schedules when sports and play practice came around. I hope you do well in your senior presentation Stockton! Knock em' dead! It's awesome to hear Parker is doing well in track. It was hard for me to PR in most of the events I was in because of the different running conditions we had. I think it's pretty cool how Parker's getting up to the junior/senior level, he must really be dedicated to his sports to get to that point. Also, I hope him and Stockton enjoy their events with snowboarding and golfing.πŸŽ³πŸŽΏπŸ‚ 

And I agree, it can be tough when you see such good whether and you have to work in school work or anything else like that. Keep working in track Brigs and you'll do great. I hope Mom's search goes well. It can be tough looking for those jobs when you have to worry about all these other things to do. I know it was tough for me because there wasn't a whole bunch of work around when I needed a job. My prayers are with you. It's great that you're able to take a break for a while and get some time at the house this week Dad! I just hope I can still have free time when I'm older and have a family as well. That is just crazy to hear about the whether. I didn't think we could get winds that powerful up there and to have those fires give off that much smoke. It's crazy!

This week has been pretty good for us. We had some good success with getting into people's homes and teaching wise this week. We also got to meet some new missionaries to the zone last Monday and they seem pretty cool. We actually got some really cool miracles this week. Last week we contacted someone looking for her purse and she was willing to hear the lessons. We weren't able to get a hold of her for a while but she texted us asking if we could visit with her. We meet at the church and taught her the restoration and she also accepted a Book of Mormon. She has gone through some tough trials and some difficult pasts; yet she is completely open to learning and to draw closer to God, and that is a huge blessing for us. We committed her to baptism and she accepted it.πŸ˜„ 

Yesterday we got a really cool finding opportunity with a recent converts friend. She has had a few deaths in the family and has struggled with it a lot. She was talking with her friend, who is a member, and she asked all these questions about the Book of Mormon and about the church on several different points. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she was so receptive of it. The spirit was so strong there that it got her and my companion tearing up. I love how the gospel can help us understand what Heavenly Father's plan for us is and that we can find comfort in knowing that we can live with our families again. This is one of the many reasons I decided to come on a mission. All of this has been happening to strengthen me because I see the gospel influence lives everyday, and I am blessed to do this for the time that I have hear. 

Well, with that busy week being said it's time to start off the next week. I love you all and have you in my prayers always. 

Love your son
Elder Smith

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