Monday, October 5, 2015

February 23, 2015 Email

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Hey Fam! It's good to hear you're all doing well! It's unfortunate that dad is still struggling with work. It's hard to deal with work when it's a pain to keep up with everything. I hope the guys keep enjoying their activities and get a little free time to help you dad out. It's great to hear there's been a baptism in the branch! I have seen the conversion of others and it is great to see the change and commitment people make. 

This week was both fast and slow for us here. We had some service opportunities to do and had some good experiences from them. We've had some good experiences with the people we see and had some fun. One of the people we saw at church was a less-active member who we were told not to go visit or contact from our mission president. He has all these different ideas about doctrine and has some choice words about members in this Ward here. So that was an interesting talk with him. 

Well that's all I've got for ya this week. I hope you all have a great week and I wish you the best of times. 

Elder Smith

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